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[Talk of the town] Soap star king (2007/06/06)

[Talk of the town] Soap star king (2007/06/06)

Bae Yong-joon, the sweetheart of the Korean Wave, is coming back as the king of an ancient kingdom, following a four-year break.
This is Bae's first TV drama since the "Winter Sonata", which was a mega hit in Japan in 2002. The show turned Bae into a living legend, especially in Japan.
Bae's new TV drama, "Taewang Sashingi" (or "Legend") was written by Song Ji-na and directed by Kim Jong-hak. Song and Kim have previously produced hits like "Morae Sigye" (Sandglass). Bae plays Damdeok, the great king of the Goguryeo dynasty. The cast includes other big names such as Moon So-ri and macho actor Choi Min-soo.
According to Kim Jong-hak Production, the company behind "Legend", a total of 24 episodes have been shot over the last two years, in advance of first airing, which is a rarity in Korea. Many Korean TV dramas are still in the course of shooting when they first air. Forty-two billion won ($45.3 million) has been invested in the drama, a record for Korean TV. "Legend" will debut on the 25th of this month on MBC, and will be aired on NHK in Japan as well.

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KOCCA introduces its own Content Export Specialists Group (2007/06/06)

KOCCA introduces its own Content Export Specialists Group (2007/06/06)

"Advancing into foreign markets must continue. However, it should be preceded with thorough preparation. The success of Korean cultural content in foreign markets depends on how well we know the market and how thoroughly we prepare for it. A group of specialists will serve as guides to ensure the successful export of our cultural content".

* 11 content export specialists who participated in the inauguration ceremony and set to work

The Korea Culture and Content Agency (KOCCA, CEO: Suh, Byung-Moon) recently introduced its own elite team of content export consultancy specialists, which is comprised of 11 Korean international export specialists. This group's systematic consultancy effort will propel the export of Korean cultural content to foreign markets, which is an opportunity used to be enjoyed only by a handful of companies. This time, however, companies that wish to advance into foreign markets are assisted by the best support teams, and this group will function as an export policy team of the highest caliber.

These 11 specialists in export consultancy are veteran exporters who have worked at least for five years in various fields of content export, engaging in the successful export of products such as animation, cartoon, and mobile content. "Each individual in this specialist group is a veteran who has over 10 years of export experience", said Im, Kwan-Oh, director of KOCCA's Export Support Team. "It is expected that these specialists, who belong to the first generation of Korean content producers that advanced into foreign markets, will offer practical consultancy services based on their experience and expertise".

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Family Home of Ryoo Si-won a Popular Tourist Spot (2007/06/07)

Family Home of Ryoo Si-won a Popular Tourist Spot (2007/06/07)

A Japanese travel agency has introduced a package that includes a visit to the family house of Korean star Ryoo Si-won in Andong, North Gyeongsang Province.

During the three-day tour of Ryoo's family house in Andong, tourists can see beautiful natural scenery and experience traditional Korean culture. They will also get to sleep in Damyeonjae, where Queen Elizabeth II was given a birthday party and watched the Hahoi mask dance during her visit to Korea in April 1999.

Ryoo's fans should particularly enjoy this tour package, since Ryoo's mother will personally cook Korean dishes for the tourists and tell stories from his childhood.

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'China becoming future Hollywood' (2007/06/07)

'China becoming future Hollywood' (2007/06/07)

Lee Soo-man, 54, founder and producer of SM Entertainment, expects that China will emerge as the world's largest entertainment market in years to come.

The former singer and show host, who helped turn Korea's pop music industry into big business, made the prediction in his lecture on the future of Asian entertainment to about 50 Harvard MBA students who visited the company's headquarters in Seoul on Tuesday.

Lee emphasized that the biggest star always comes from the biggest market, and thus the Asian market will become the most important source of the world's top entertainers, as it includes China, which is what he believes to be a "future Hollywood".

"Our advanced know-how in star management will contribute much to bringing huge benefits to Northeast Asia then, combined with Japanese capital and Chinese human resources", said Lee.

Next month, the head producer behind such big stars as Boa, TVXQ, Kang Ta and Super Junior will become the new president of SMAC, a joint company of SM, Japanese Avex and Chinese Chengtian Entertainment, which he announced to be the essence of his company's innovative spirit. "Korean pop culture's popularity in Asia is moving into a new phase, the third stage of the Korean Wave", Lee said.

He noted that the first stage was initiated and led by Korean cultural content and artists born in Korea, such as now disbanded boy band H.O.T., and the singer Boa. The second one came, he said, when local agencies turned their eyes to neighboring markets -- China and Japan -- to make their talent and content big in Korea and elsewhere in Asia with the help of Super Junior's Chinese member Han kyung and Jang Ri-in, the 18-year-old Chinese girl who won the Best New Solo Artist Award at the MKMF Music Video Festival.

"The second stage was important only as a transition to prepare the third one. In the third stage, Korea, Japan and China will exert control over global entertainment market through their cooperation", Lee said. In that case, "made by Korea", should be more important than "made in Korea", he continued.

The lecture was part of a Harvard MBA student annual field trip to Korea titled "HBS Korea Trip", through which potential future global business leaders meet with the country's leading political and business figures. The week-long trip ends today.

Also attending Tuesday's lecture were celebrities under the company's management, including Boa, Kang Ta, Lee Yeon-hee and Han Kyung.

Introducing Boa to the students, Lee jokingly called the star, who is fluent in both English and Japanese, "the most expensive interpreter", which triggered laughter in the audience. After the lecture, the students had fun together with the stars on the stage, taking photos together.

"It was impressive and very useful too", said Michael Cohen, a student from Boston, who used to work for Sony USA as an intern.

"The lecture was wonderful for business purposes because how to appeal to your audience is really understanding what their need is supposed to", said Marie-Jose Bahnam, a female student from Lebanon.

By Lee Yong-sung

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