jeudi 7 juin 2007

KOCCA introduces its own Content Export Specialists Group (2007/06/06)

KOCCA introduces its own Content Export Specialists Group (2007/06/06)

"Advancing into foreign markets must continue. However, it should be preceded with thorough preparation. The success of Korean cultural content in foreign markets depends on how well we know the market and how thoroughly we prepare for it. A group of specialists will serve as guides to ensure the successful export of our cultural content".

* 11 content export specialists who participated in the inauguration ceremony and set to work

The Korea Culture and Content Agency (KOCCA, CEO: Suh, Byung-Moon) recently introduced its own elite team of content export consultancy specialists, which is comprised of 11 Korean international export specialists. This group's systematic consultancy effort will propel the export of Korean cultural content to foreign markets, which is an opportunity used to be enjoyed only by a handful of companies. This time, however, companies that wish to advance into foreign markets are assisted by the best support teams, and this group will function as an export policy team of the highest caliber.

These 11 specialists in export consultancy are veteran exporters who have worked at least for five years in various fields of content export, engaging in the successful export of products such as animation, cartoon, and mobile content. "Each individual in this specialist group is a veteran who has over 10 years of export experience", said Im, Kwan-Oh, director of KOCCA's Export Support Team. "It is expected that these specialists, who belong to the first generation of Korean content producers that advanced into foreign markets, will offer practical consultancy services based on their experience and expertise".

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