dimanche 29 juin 2008

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From: "Imre Szeman" Subject: [cultstud-l] Cultural Spaces (Book Series)To: g-csacont@mcmaster.ca, ,, Message-ID: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1" CULTURAL SPACES / University of Toronto Press CULTURAL SPACES is a book series that explores the rapidly changingtemporal, spatial, and theoretical boundaries of contemporary culturalstudies. Culture has long been understood as the force that defines anddelimits societies in fixed spaces. The recent intensification ofglobalizing processes, however, has meant that it is no longer possible– if it ever was – to imagine the world as a collection of autonomous,monadic spaces, whether these are imagined as localities, nations,regions within nations, or cultures demarcated by region or nation. Theaim of this interdisciplinary series is to publish bold new analysesand theories of the spaces of culture, as well as investigations of thehistorical construction of those cultural spaces that have influencedthe shape of the contemporary world. Series editors: Richard Cavell (University of British Columbia), JasminHabib (University of Waterloo) and Imre Szeman (McMaster University). Book proposals and manuscript submissions welcomed. Please contact: Siobhan McMenemy, smcmenemy@utpress.utoronto.ca, (416)978-2239 x231 For more information about the series, visit:http://www.utppublishing.com/pubstore/merchant.ihtml?id=58&step=2. Books in the Series: - Peter Ives, Gramsci’s Politics of Language: Engaging the BakhtinCircle and the Frankfurt School - Sarah Brophy, Witnessing AIDS: Writing, Testimony, and the Work ofMourning - Shane Gunster, Capitalizing on Culture: Critical Theory for CulturalStudies - Jasmin Habib, Israel, Diaspora, and the Routes of National Belonging - Serra Tinic, On Location: Canada’s Television Industry in a GlobalMarket - Evelyn Ruppert, The Moral Economy of Cities: Shaping Good Citizens - Mark Coté, Richard Day, and Greig de Peuter, eds, Utopian Pedagogy:Radical Experiments Against Neoliberal Globalization - Michael McKinnie, City Stages: Theatre and Urban Space in a GlobalCity - David Jefferess, Postcolonial Resistance: Culture, Liberation, andTransformation - Mary Gallagher, ed., World Writing: Poetics, Ethics, andGlobalization (forthcoming) - Maureen Moynagh, Political Tourism and Its Texts (forthcoming) Editors:Richard Cavell: rcavell@interchange.ubc.caJasmin Habib: jhabib@uwaterloo.caImre Szeman: szeman@mcmaster.ca Editorial Advisory Board:Lauren Berlant, University of ChicagoHomi K. Bhabha, Harvard UniversityHazel V. Carby, Yale UniversityRichard Day, Queen’s UniversityChristopher Gittings, University of Western OntarioLawrence Grossberg, University of North CarolinaMark Kingwell, University of TorontoHeather Murray, University of TorontoElspeth Probyn, University of SydneyRinaldo Walcott, OISE/University of Toronto

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