lundi 13 juillet 2009

CFP films studies

CALL FOR PAPERSCANADIAN JOURNAL OF FILM STUDIESREVUE CANADIENNE D’ÉTUDES CINÉ email: The editors of CJFS/RCEC - Charles Acland (Communication Studies) and Catherine Russell (Cinema Studies) at Concordia University, Montreal - seek submissions of manuscripts in film and moving image studies for the following special topics issues: 1. FILM PUBLICS RECONSIDERED: Few concepts have been as influential to contemporary film studies as the concept of the public sphere, as theorized by Habermas, Negt and Kluge. Especially as advanced in Miriam Hansen’s Babel and Babylon, the public sphere has been a central way in which film and media scholars have written about the relationship between text, space and the prospects for democratic life. With this special issue, we are seeking work that reassesses the legacy of this framework. Papers may be exemplary applications of the concept of the public sphere (e.g. examining film festivals or non-theatrical exhibition) or may be theoretical surveys and evaluations. Deadline for FILM PUBLICS RECONSIDERED - September 1, 2009 2. STAR PERFORMANCE: Film and media stars, by definition multi-media figures, evolve as a complex mix of individually embodied- and industrially-generated assemblages of gesture, expression and narrative. This special issue seeks research that specifically addresses the intersection of performance and persona in star-making, and star-sustaining, enterprises. Papers may investigate star performance styles, cross-media manifestations of star personas, and star labour in creative cultural industries. Deadline for submission for STAR PERFORMANCE – December 1, 2009 3. EXPANDED SCREENS: The site, situation and occasion of moving image culture is so varied that it can no longer be contained under Gene Youngblood’s groundbreaking category of “expanded cinema.” Accordingly, this special issue will assemble research that explores the outermost boundaries of the implications and consequences of our broadening screen culture. Future cinema, miniaturized formats, clip culture, game aesthetics, and digital moving image circulation are all possible areas of research attention for contributions to this issue. Deadline for submission for EXPANDED SCREENS – March 1, 2010 As always, we continue to seek high quality research for general topic issues. The CJFS/RCEC is Canada’s leading scholarly venue for moving image studies, refereed using a double-blind review process. We publish innovated research on all topics and formats related to moving image studies. We also regularly publish book reviews. Complete guidelines for contributors can be found in each issue of the journal was well as on our website at Send queries and manuscripts to

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