lundi 21 juillet 2008


Rethinking Visual Narratives from Asia: Intercultural and Comparative Perspectives

The Department of Fine Arts at the University of Hong Kong will host an international conference on Rethinking Visual Narratives from 8-9 June 2009. The conference will bring together approximately fifteen scholars presenting new and original research to discuss how visual narratives function in different cultures and exploring connections and interactions between the arts of Asia and that of Asia and the West. The papers and discussion will consolidate academic understanding of visual narrative theories and augment them through analysis of their potential as a tool for exploring inter-cultural interactions and questioning cross-cultural assumptions. The focus will be on the visual with a cross-cultural dimension and dating to any time period within a broadly defined art historical discipline and material culture studies.

Possible panel topics include, but are not limited to – The place of narrative: architecture and the disposition of imagery Theories of narration
Word and image: illustration and interpretation
Printed texts and images: semiotic dialogue
The social embeddedness of narrative
The role of non-narrative or anti-narrative elements in imagery

Papers will be hosted on the conference website by the end of April 2009. It is expected that a conference proceedings will be published.

Abstracts due on 5 September 2008 by email to -

Dr. Alexandra Green
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong

Dr. Alexandra Green
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Fine Arts
Main Building Rm. 235
University of Hong Kong


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