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So, in a few words, I'll introduce myself.

I have graduated from Ecole Doctorale de l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, from which I hold a MA (Master Recherche mention sociétés et politiques comparées, spécialité Asie).

My MA thesis was entitled: When South Korea and Japan encounter. Soft power and pop culture, the Korean-Japanese case

It was conducted by Professor Jean-Marie Bouissou (CERI Sciences Po) and Professor Kim Shin-Dong (iCAT/Hallym University).

To put it in a nutshell, I tackled there topics such as:
- the emergence of two soft powers (State-led logic versus market logic),
- sociology of pop culture fans in Japan and South Korea based on field work observations,
- mapping of Korean enclaves in Japan and their shift in perception since the hanryu in Japan
- effects of pop culture commodities consumption on the perception of the Otherness,
- the emergence of an epistemic community based on shared values,
- the presence of Korean actors in Japanese advertising and entertainment programs as an externality of the Korean soft power

From September 2006 to December 2006, I was part of the Asia Culture Academy Youth Workshop among 15 participants from 9 countries.

In this framework, I took part to the Asia Culture Forum in Gwangju
I had the opportunity to present there a part of my MA thesis dealing with Japanese advertising.
"Taming the Otherness: the taming and institutionalisation process of Korean actors in Japanese medias" was presented during the "Doing Cultural Spaces" part of Asia Culture Forum, in a roundtable moderated by Yoon Tae Jin.

Nowadays, until August 2007, I am research associate at iCAT (Institute for Communication Arts and Technology), Hallym University, Chuncheon, South Korea. My research is supervised by Pr Kim Shin-Dong.

Current research projects include:

- A book chapter that should get published in Fall 2007 at New York University Press.
The book deals with hanryu, and my chapter is devoted to Korean actors in Japanese medias.
Temptative title of the book chapter: "Taming the Hatred Beloved Other: the representation of Korean actors in Japanese advertising and entertainment programs". This research project will be presented during Cultural Typhoon in July 2007 in Nagoya, Japan, and during NAJAKS 2007 in August 2007 at Copenhagen University, Denmark.

- A survey on Asian media.
I edited a compilation of quantitative data and qualitative data collected by my comrades from ACA Youth Workshop.
I should start soon an article about the compilation of data.
Temptative title: Asian television. An international outlook at domestic and foreign programs.

That's it for today.
I'll post soon my "sources" for the first article on advertising, as well as any relevant info and other research topics.

Please feel free to leave any comment. I hope this blog will not remain a window to my research projects. I wish it also becomes a platform of discussion among young researchers as me on pop culture & media as well as pop culture fans.

Cheers, Aska

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shigeo a dit…

Hi Aska!

I found you not by chance but reading a book of P.J.Katzenstein.
It is so interesting what you are doing and it wold be nice if we can chat about the issues, cz, I am doing a reserch of Japanese Pop culture and soft power. And I am Japanese living in Bruxelles. So, hope hear fro you soon.