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Rain to Perform at Prestigious Tokyo Dome (2007/04/19)

Would be really really interesting to see whether the sociological profile of the fans I saw at the Lee Byung Hun fan event would be the same as the Rain Pi's fans profile...

Rain to Perform at Prestigious Tokyo Dome (2007/04/19)

In yet another confirmation of his stature as an international star, Rain is scheduled to be the first Korean singer to hold a concert at Japan's Tokyo Dome stadium. The pop sensation traveled to Japan on Wednesday, two days after returning from last week's successful performance in Australia, and announced his plans to perform at the Tokyo Dome at an official press conference.

Star M Entertainment, which is promoting Rain's world tour, recently agreed to bring the "Rain's Coming" tour to the Tokyo Dome on May 25. The Dome has hosted the world's top talents, such as Mariah Carey, the Rolling Stones, and Beyonce. The Dome, which is also the home of the Yomiuri Giants and Korean slugger Lee Seung-yeop, is the ultimate dream of many Japanese performers, but only top-drawer local acts have ascended its stage, including Ayumi Hamasaki, Glay, and SMAP.

Star M Entertainment announced the news in Japan with Rain and said, "With Japan as the axis, Rain spread the wave to Southeast Asia. Now he's reconfirming his stature with the concert at the Tokyo Dome".

The performance at the Tokyo Dome means Rain is one step further from being just an Asian celebrity and one step closer to being a world star. The Dome can hold up to 42,000 people but it requires a minimum of 35,000 tickets to be sold. Only top-selling performers attempt to play there. Among Korean celebrities, Lee Byung-heon held a fan meeting at the Dome last June with 42,000 guests. The Japanese press at the time made a great fuss, calling it the biggest event in the history of the "Korean Wave".

Lingering rumors say that Star M Entertainment was worried about bringing Rain's tour to the Dome, which would mean just once performance there. Rain, however, decided to go ahead with the idea, believing himself to be "Asia's singer" and eager to be the first Korean singer to perform at the fabled stadium. It is said that the concert promoter's Japanese partner UAE strongly pushed for the concert at the massive stadium.

Source : ( Anglais Chinois Coréen Japonais )

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