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Japanese Fans Keen on Drama 'Mawang' ("Devil") (2007/04/13)

Japanese Fans Keen on Drama 'Mawang' ("Devil") (2007/04/13)

The KBS drama "Mawang" ("Devil"), currently airing in Korea, will soon be shown in Japan, targeting fans of the earlier hit Korean series "Revenge".

Mawang ("Devil")'s production agency Olive Nine said the drama will air on the cable channel So-net TV from October and that the drama's film set will soon be unveiled to Japanese viewers.

Japan's interest in Mawang ("Devil") is largely due to the Korean drama Resurrection, which is currently airing on Tokyo MXTV every Wednesday night. So-net TV had aired it last September and will begin reruns next month.

An Olive Nine official said Resurrection is very popular in Japan, citing its airing on multiple Japanese channels including FBC Fukuoka TV and Hokkaido TV.

The two dramas are by the same director and writing staff.

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