vendredi 20 avril 2007

Japan to Show Encore Films by Director Kim Ki-duk (2007/04/18)

Japan to Show Encore Films by Director Kim Ki-duk (2007/04/18)

To mark the Japanese release of director Kim Ki-duk's 1996 debut film "Crocodile", a special showing under the title of "Continuing Mandala of Ki-duk" will be held in Euro Space in Tokyo on April 28th. It appears that the name Kim Ki-duk has become a brand in and of itself.

The film "Crocodile" will be shown twice a day until May 18th, together with six other works by Kim--"Birdcage Inn", "The Coast Guard", "Address Unknown", "The Isle", "Bad Guy", and "3-Iron".

Separate from this event, Kim's 2006 film "Time" has been playing at a Japanese theater since March 10th under the title of "Love of Absolute".

Another special presentation of director Kim's films titled "Super Ki-duk Mandala" took place between February 24th and March 16th at the same locale. Starting on the 7th of next month, the two most lauded films from "Super Ki-duk Mandala"--"Wild Animals" and "Real Fiction"--will be shown again.

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